3 reasons why juice based diets do not work

For some time now, a juice based diet like the lemon detox diet and celery juice diet has gained strong traction in the media. It is believed that for example, a cup of hot water in the morning with a squeeze of lemon removes toxins in the body and helps promote weight loss.

There are 3 main reasons why diets revolving around juicing fruits or vegies do not result in sustainable weight management and better health outcomes.

1. The main function of our liver is to detox our bodies and get rid of toxins. So, our body naturally detoxes itself without the need of lemon juice – or any juice for this matter.

2. When we lose weight too quickly, our muscles break down and releases stored water. This makes people think “wow, I’ve lost 3 kilos this week” but this loss is simply water weight. When our muscles break down, glycogen (stored energy) is also released so energy levels decrease and we feel tired quickly – this brings me to my next point

3. This diet is simply unrealistic long term. To eat a very small amount of food and fill up on juices forever is unsustainable. This also puts people at risk of many nutritional deficiencies because it will be harder to eat a balanced diet filled with a variety of foods from the 5 food groups.

If you will like realistic and sustainable weight management advice without the risk of nutritional deficiencies and regaining lost weight, book an appointment with me.

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