Forget the grocery shopping – grow your own vegies!

Vegetables are a core food group within the Australian Dietary Guidelines for so many reasons – they are super high in vitamins and minerals which are so important for a healthy immune system (very much needed going into the flu season) and high in fibre needed for good gut health.

We should aim to eat 5 serves of vegies every day (1 serve = 1 cup raw veg or ½ cup cooked veg) for good overall health and wellbeing. However, at times it can seem like the prices of vegetables are rising.

That is why in Autumn I am leaving the grocery bags in the car and instead, grabbing the shovel out of the shed. Planting seeds now will give you an abundance of veg perfect for winter meals.

Think of growing green leafy veg like

- Spinach

- Spring onions

- Broccoli

- Kale

- Cauliflower

- Celery

This is also a great time to plant seeds for beetroot, carrots and green beans.

Do not forget flavour and plant garlic and shallots and herbs like parsley and coriander.

Sparing a few dollars for seeds now will result in big savings. Gardening is also the perfect procrastination activity – close the laptop and unwind outside in the sunshine.

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