Eat to boost your iron absorption

Feeling flat? Tired? Struggling to concentrate throughout the day? This could be due to low iron levels. The good news is that through diet, we can reverse your iron levels and symptoms so you feel energised every day.

For optimal health and wellbeing, our body requires iron which is an important dietary mineral. Iron is stored in the center of red blood cells in the form of heamoglobin, hence iron carries oxygen around the body. So, if we are not eating the amount of iron rich foods our bodies need, our heamoglobin levels lower and we feel tired and flat as a consequence.

There are two forms of iron found in food

1. Haem iron is found in meat based foods and is best absorbed in the gut.

· Red meat (lamb / beef / kangaroo)

· Chicken and turkey

· Fish

· Offal

2. Non – haem irom is found in some plant based foods and is not absorbed as easily as haem iron in the gut.

· Iron-fortified breads and breakfast cereals

· Legumes like kidney beans, baked beans and chickpeas

· Nuts and nut pastes

· Eggs

We can boost the amount of non-haem iron absorbed in the gut by eating the above foods with a vitamin C containing food.

Meals to boost your iron absorption

· Eggs + iron fortified toast + tomatoes

· Handful of unsalted nuts + ½ glass orange juice

· Iron fortified toast + peanut butter + sliced strawberries

Avoid eating the above foods with coffee, tea and some soy proteins because these foods will decrease iron absorption.

Always try a “food first approach” to increase the amount of iron in your blood and book an appointment with me to discuss tailored and personalised dietary strategies best suited for you!

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