My nutrition advice is tailored to you. I do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach. I listen to your concerns and together we devise a strategy to improve your health through good food. 

What you can expect 

  • Take home nutrition resources and recipes 

  • The latest evidence based nutritional information

  • Dietary advice tailored for you 

  • A multi-disciplinary team approach

  • Regular support and motivational interviewing 

Appointment schedule 

With a Medicare plan from your GP,

  • First appointment: 30 mins $15.00

  • Review appointment: 20 mins bulk billed 

Private appointments 

  • First appointment: 45 mins $120 

  • Review appointment: 30 mins $90 ​​

No referral necessary

No gap for Department of Veteran Affairs card holders 

Medicare / Private health insurance rebates are accepted

Erindale Medical and Health 

(08) 7122 5999

Please fax referrals to (08) 8374 1386

Available Thursday between 3pm and 8pm

Pasadena Medical 

(08) 7324 4585

Please fax referrals to (08) 8357 4158

Available Wednesday between 1pm and 5pm



Blair Athol Medical and Health

(08) 83499292

Available Saturdays between 8:30 and 1pm





Meal Plans

This will not require a referral or booking, I will email detailed instructions upon completing the below contact form. 


A 7 Day Meal Plan will give you

  • Structure and confidence to put your health, time management and financial goals into action

  • Detailed information of your meals and snacks for 7 days

  • 6 exclusive dinner recipes + bonus recipe 

  • Paper and electronic copy of your meal plan and recipes

Your investment with an initial nutrition appointment is $130.00 + GST

Your investment without a nutrition appointment is $150.00 + GST

A Diet Analysis will give you

  • A better understanding of the types of foods nourishing your health and the areas for improvement

  • Detailed information about your daily food intake including your macronutrient and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) intakes 

  • 5 tailored and specific nutritional and wellbeing recommendations 

Your investment for all of the above is $150.00 + GST

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Rebecca Greco (APD)
Adelaide, South Australia