Online Nutrition Programs 
The Town of Walkerville: Nutrition for strong immunity and gut health social media clips
I developed a 7 week series of social media posts to educate, empower and provide the residents of Walkerville with tools to help balance their immune system and improve their gut health during winter.  
The City of Unley: Blue Zones cooking demonstrations 
The Blue Zones are a very fascinating topic for healthy ageing and I loved developing Youtube cooking demonstrations based on the Blue Zones. 
Please refer to the Nutrition Playlist for the clips: 
Campbelltown City Council Plant Based Cooking Workshop
I whipped up 3 delicious and healthy plant based dishes and keeping with the brief, the recipes were budget friendly, simple to cook and perfect examples for cooking for one or two. 
As a group, we ate the dishes and chatted about nutrition and cooking hacks - I tend to always cook too much so no catering was required! 
Great discussions and questions from the audience, we all had a wonderful time. 
Kind words from participants
"Informative and inspiring"
"Well knowledged, spoke well, excellent Rebecca"
Another wonderful morning at @campbellto
I think it’s fair to say we all had a wo
Great day yesterday at Cumberland Park _
Daily Moves Supermarket Tour
These fun, interactive and practical supermarket tours provide participants with
  • Tailored healthy eating information
  • Skills to read and interpret nutrition information panels and the ingredient lists 
  • Tips to avoid sneaky marketing strategies
  • Practical tips for cost effective grocery shopper
  • Healthy, simple and affordable snack and meal ideas
  • Each participants receives a take home goodie bag 
Kind words from some past participants
"Rebecca gave us useful cooking and grocery shopping tips"
"I'll look at the levels of sugar, salt and protein on packaged foods more closely"
"Good explanation on why you should choose certain foods. Rebecca answered questions well and spoke clearly"
Flinders University
I coordinated the 12 month Eating Well @ Flinders program at Flinders University.
  • Increase student's knowledge and confidence to eat a balanced and varied diet
  • Creating nutrition resources, build community capacity for long term change and improve the student experience. 
Program example: Cooking demonstrations for International students 
This was a great way for students to exchange their cultural recipes and meal preparation tips with one another while cooking a delicious and nutritious lunch in a fun and relaxed environment. 
Are you at student? Have a flick through some of my healthy eating blogs
Here is a throwback of weekly cooking de
Click here for more kids nutrition workshops 
Recent schools:
East Adelaide Primary
St Joseph's Hectorville
Gulfview Heights 
Kind words from teachers 
"Thank you, the two activities were great - the kids loved it"
"This was awesome, the smoothie bowls were fantastic, so easy for the kids"